Monday, March 18, 2013

TV shows: all of the feels, none of the patience.

I spend entirely too much of my life sitting on my couch and watching t.v. I don't really think that's much of a problem though, because if I did I'd probably at least attempt to turn it off every now and again. It's just that, there's so much to watch right now and it's only getting better. 

Right now I'm hording the season finale of Ripper Street, my boyfriend Matthew MacFayden's show on BBC, on my DVR because I have no idea when it'll return or when he'll pop up in something again. It's a sad day for me on that front. 
RAWR guys. RAWR.

Also, Girls is ending again and damnit it's going to be like like a year before it comes back. I know that haters gonna hate, but I really love that show. Sure it's white-washed and as much as I love it even I know it's overly promoted, but it's also really good. It deserves all the awards and all the acclaim. Get on board. 

Boardwalk Empire until the Fall, and right now that's got me going through some serious withdrawals and has been since late last year. I love that show. It started with my adoration of Steve Buscemi and then Michael "The Lips" Pitt had me coming back for more. Then they *spoiler alert* killed him and it turns out my heart lies with Jack Huston and while I miss The Lips, he's absence didn't keep me away at all. Honorable mention  goes to Michael Shannon is is AMAZING his role. 

To take the edge off all that I do have Game of Thrones returning. The absence of GoT has made me and my husband both super sad and we've been counting the days until it's return. So close to my Khaleesi and Jon Snow, it's going to be so good this season, guys. So good. I can't even. All of the feels. 

Then in the summer, True Blood comes back. True Blood with it's over the top campiness. I love it. I can't wait to see the crazy this comes back with, I'm sure it'll be amazing. 

 So there's that. I guess... HBO giveth and HBO taketh away is the moral of this story. 

And also, American Horror Story: Coven That party won't start until around Halloween though. 

It's witches this season guys!!! In New Orleans!!! SO EXCITED!! 


  1. You can probably guess that I'm pretty excited about Game of Thrones. People who haven't read the books are going to lose their SHIT this season. I kind of can't wait for the fall out. Also, there should be more Roose Bolton this season. He and Tywin Lannister are my older man/super villain crushes.

    Also, we watch like all of the same shows. Why don't we live next door to each other so we can watch TV together?? Life is cruel.

    1. I have to admit something. Something shameful that makes me hang my head in shame. I haven't read the GoTs books. I tried to read the first one. I got it for my husband and he couldn't make it though and I laughed at him and said "watch me do this thing" and then even I failed miserably. I just can't get into them like I can the show and that NEVER happens to me. So don't judge me too harshly please. People told me it's because I've watched the show, so that it may have been easier for me to start with the third book instead of re-reading all that I've watched, but that seems wrong to me?

      It is a damn shame we aren't neighbors. We'd make awesome neighbors. We could even start awesome block parties and everyone would envy us.

    2. Don't feel bad about it! Especially trying to read the books after already watching the show. It took me some time to get into them, but once I got to book 3 I was HOOKED.
      It might actually be better not to read the books because sometimes it makes it hard to enjoy the show. They have to cut so much and eliminate characters that I love. You have to be able to enjoy the show as it's own separate entity... like a fan fiction loosely based on the books.

  2. Bring back GoT and quickly! I had to read the books with the way that the last season ended.


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