Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Liebster Award

I got an award guys! I AM SPECIAL! I always knew I was! The delightful Azia @ Azia Said What? nominated me for the:

Thank you so much Azia, I really appreciate it! I mean, I totally deserve it. I rock, but you know, it's nice for other people to acknowledge it too. 

Everything in life has rules, here are the ones attached to this:

1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog and link back to the blogger who presented this award to you.

2. Answer the 11 questions from the nominator, list 11 random facts about yourself and create 11 questions for your nominees.

3. Present the Liebster Blog Award to 11 blogs of 200 followers or less who you feel deserve to be noticed and leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been chosen. (No tag backs)-- I can go ahead and assure that I won't be choosing 11 blogs. I'll choose a few though. A special few that make my heart happy every time I go and visit them. 

4. Copy and Paste the blog award on your blog.
So without further ado, here are the questions from my nominator:

1. What's your favorite writing/reading snack?
I don't know that I really have a standard go-to snack for any occasion, much less reading/writing. It just depends I suppose. This time of year it wouldn't be unusual for me to have a bag of jelly beans by my side that I munch on while reading. Or a bag of salt & vinegar chips. 

2. Where have you always wanted to visit?
I've always wanted to visit England. London especially, but I don't want to stop there. I want to wander through the same town that Jane Austin did and I want to see Shakespeare's home in Stratford Upon Avon. I'd really like to spend some time in England just wandering around.

Honorable mention to the entire country of Italy. 

3. What's your favorite accent?
Well, I'm a girl that grew up adoring Hugh Grant and Oasis. So, clearly, the English accent is the best panty-dropper around. 

4. What movie do you always watch when you find it on TV?
It doesn't matter what is going on, if I see SWAT, Gone with the Wind, A Christmas Story, The Wizard of Oz, or many other movies actually, I watch it. Doesn't matter how many times I've seen it. That and as for tv shows, House. I will sit and watch House for hours. 

5. What's your favorite hobby?
 Baking. Not to steal from Azia, but I LOVE to bake. It's a passion of mine. I like to try new desserts or find the perfect recipe for something basic. A couple of years ago I was hunting for the perfect pumpkin cake recipe. I tried over 5 different ones until I found one I really loved. Things like that really just make me happy.

6. Say you can quit your day job and do whatever you want.  What would you do?
 I'd open up a small bakery. 

7. What made you want to start writing?
Probably my love of books since I was a small child. I've always had an active imagination, so sometimes it's nice to just get what's in my head out onto paper or the screen. Not that I ever really people read what I write, it's still something just for me. 

8. What is your favorite genre?
I love a good trashy Romance novel, and no, 50 Shades of Grey does not count as romance or erotica or anything other than misogynistic, ignorant, poorly written trash. I'm talking about quirky, hilarious Katie MacAlister and everything she writes. Romance with humor, a brain, and strong female characters. I also love mysteries, like JD Robb's In Death series, YA like the Mortal Instruments I'm currently obsessed with, Anne Rice and her Vampire Chronicles. Historical pieces by Phillipa Gregory also. Taking real event and weaving a story from them takes talent, and Ms. Gregory has a ton. 

9. Where is your writing/reading nook?
My bed. There's nothing better than waking up, reaching over for my book, and then lounging in bed and reading for a few hours. 

10. What book do you wish you had written?
Mandy by Julie Andrews Edwards. It was one of my favorite books when I was little. The story of a little orphan girl that wanders in the woods by the orphanage and finds an old abandoned home there that she makes her own. She greats a beautiful garden and a place that she can call her own. I rarely ever get too whimsical when I speak, but it's truly an enchanting book. 

11. Early bird, night owl, or something in between?
Neither. I like to go to bed early and get up late. I'm what you'd call "lazy" you see. 

11 Facts About Me:
  1. I spend way too much time thinking about how I want James Spader to come up to me and whisper "You're such trash". 
  2. I just got my first paying cake order. Ridiculously excited about it. 
  3. I have the most adorable little girl in the entire world. 
  4. I have an amazing pug, Tiffy. She's insane. 
  5. One day I will pistol whip someone.
  6. I am currently on a conference call, trying not to fall asleep. 
  7. If I can be procrastinated, you can bet I'm all over it. "It" being the procrastinate part. 
  8. One of my favorite things is coming up with flavor pairings. 
  9. I'm addicted to adding things to my Amazon wishlist. The most satisfying thing is when you buy something off of it and it disappears from your list. Like magic. 
  10. I'm a big old HBO whore. Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Girls, True Blood. 
  11. I'm one-quarter Japanese, small percentage, but it's really important to me. Noelle has an even smaller percentage (12.5 %?) but I am going to try my best for her to know and embrace that small part of her. 
Passing along the love:
Jess over at It's Jess! We have a special mind-meld connection
B at The Opposite of That My original blogging buddy, she's excellent at popping up when you least expect it and making your day. 
Poke the Rock The clumsy and lovely artist that makes me giggle all the time with her antics and jealous I can't create on paper what she does. 

So that's it, just 3 are getting this love from me this time. 


  1. Can we talk about our childhood book mind meld over MANDY?! I have never met another person who loves that book! My favorite Julie Edwards (Andrews) book is The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles. I re-read it last week... such a nerd.

    1. SHUT YOUR FACE HOLE!! You know Mandy?! There's only one other person that I know that has even heard of it! Amazing!

      And IDK what in the hell is going on with this post... it's all screwy and making me crazy.

    2. I bet if you check the html code it will have font attribute for background colour = white, if you'll delete all of them it should go back to normal, have the same prob if I copy from somewhere...stupid thing.

      ALSO yay thank you :) I can't bonder over Mandy but I am all yours in regards to Ann Rice!!!

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