Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Fever, so much better than Bieber Fever.

Well guys, I'm 30 now. I feel pretty good about it. I feel infinitely wiser than I did this time last week, that's for sure. From here on out, I'll be laying crazy wisdom down for you all. You're welcome. 

The hubby took me for a day trip over to Raleigh for the day on Saturday as a birthday adventure. We were supposed to see the Titanic exhibit at the museum, but on the way there I realized I couldn't see it without my sister. So I cancelled that part and will be making that happen in a couple of weeks. I just can't see it without having someone yell out "ROSE!!!" as I yell out "JACK!!". Also, I do mean the actual Titanic artifacts and not the movie. That will not stop us from whispering "Draw me like one of your French girls, Jack" to one another all day. 

The Melting Pot happened that evening, and sweet baby Jesus, I love that place. Fondue? More like FUN-due, amirite?! Anywhoo, the cheese course, the salad, the entree all of that was delicious. The real party began at dessert, when this happened:

All of that to dip into delicious white chocolate and Bailey's. 

Spring has arrived here in NC. Which means I've had my legs out and dresses on all week, without those horrible leggings under them. Also, thanks to the new fancy tanning salon in town I even have some color, so I'm not even paranoid about them being out. 

I love this time of year, not as much as I love Fall, but it's close. Everything is bright and it's sunny and flowers are blooming and it really just seems like a good time to change things up and get some new things going in life. 

For instance, I am redoing the bedroom. From the arranging, to the sheets, to the bedspread, to the curtains. I usually change them all up from time to time anyways, but it all is about the same style. So I've got things happening totally unlike anything I've done before. Time to make the room fun (rawr) and inviting. Also, the bathroom is getting a makeover as well.

I'm making a new wreath for the door and going to pot some plants to sit around outside. Nuggie has been wearing her spring frocks all week, and looking ridiculously adorable while doing it. 

Told you. Ridiculously adorable. 

Also, right this moment I just got my first request for me to make a cake for a former co-workers friends bridal shower this weekend. My first paid request?! AND she's a former co-worker that remembered my delicious treats?! It's a good day guys. 


  1. That's one cute daughter you have, my dear. Those cheeks are made for pinchin!

    I'd omnom the shit out of that dessert.
    I've gotten spring fever too! It's all that sunshine. and pinning. but mostly sunshine.

  2. Yeah for good days! And boo for my jealousy over your spring weather!

    I need to figure out how to get paid for making baked goods... it's the only thing somewhat good at doing.

    1. Ok, so clearly we need to join forces and create the "Mind Meld", a bakery full of delicious treats. We'll be raved about from coast to coast. Martha Stewart will come to us and beg us to allow her to do a cover story on our amazing bakery.


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