Friday, May 3, 2013


One of my favorite things ever is celebrity gossip. I can't help myself, I am obsessed and the more scandalous the better. 

One of the best things ever is Laura Jean Poon's, I'm sorry- Reese Witherspoon's, arrest tape. I love it. I'm tired of hearing people call her America's sweetheart. I've had beef with Reese for a long long time. Don't like her. Don't like her face. Don't like her acting. Don't like how everyone seems to think she's so sweet when it seems fairly obvious to me that she is a huge cunt due to her having a bad case of cunt face. So this little piece of Internet glory really made my day:


  1. i feel like i am out of the loop here ....what's going on? i liked her in walking the line but never really followed her career. did she get into trouble....i am stuck on the airport argh

    1. She did. Her husband was stopped in Atlanta because he was drunk as hell and she was a drunk as hell passenger. While the cops were talking to him and giving him a breathalyzer and whatnot, she was shouting at the cops and getting out of the car and basically being drunk and disorderly. She at one point started asking if the cop knew who she was. "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!" Such a lameass card to play.

      So they were both arrested.

    2. Also, all the quotes in the mug shot of her, she said.

    3. OH MY GOD! that's some bad performance there! I always sort of liked her...I guess she is a drunk irresponsible person.

      drink driving will the husband go to prison?

    4. lol no. Famous people don't go to jail here in 'Murica.


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