Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Overly concerned mother.

I always said I wasn't going to push my child too hard when it came to school. Obviously, I am going to insist she do well and I'm going to make her go to college, no choice in that, but where she wants to go, what she wants to do I am going to leave open to her to decide. I figured I'd be that laid back mom. The one that wants the best for her child and trusts her to make her own decisions. 

I always said that public schools were the way to go. I turn my nose up at private schools. My husband was a product of a tiny private school. He is STILL shell-shocked by the world sometimes. My BFF's husband was 1 of 4 people in his graduating class and he is afraid to leave the county, I kid you not. I want Noelle to know the world. To know and interact with different races, groups, cultures. 

That being said, I am hell bent on getting Noelle into a charter school. My husband's nephew and niece are in one and they started learning Spanish and Chinese in kindergarten. I mean, hell yes. It's like a public private school and I'm all over it. I've always heard that they are extremely hard to get into and competitive. I heard tales of lotteries and drawings and wait lists. 

So I just called a local charter school and had this conversation:

Me: Hi, I was just wondering how soon you needed to fill out the application to enroll your child.

Office administrator: As soon as possible. 

Me: Oh! Ok then, how do I go about sending in the application to you? I got one on your website.

Office administrator: *rattles off fax number* What grade will your child be entering this fall?

Me: Um, this fall? None. 

Office administrator: Excuse me? 

Me: None??

Office administrator: I don't understand ma'am. How old is your child?

Me: 7 months

Office administrator: *silence* 7 months?

Me: Yes....


Me: **dies a little**

Office administrator: *In between laughter*- Call back in 5 years.

Me: But I heard it was really difficult to get in! I heard there was a lottery and waiting lists!

Office administrator: No wait list is that long.

So. I did that today. Guys, I just want my kid to be well educated. 


  1. That is hilarious. And yet I've heard so many horror stories of people that have to put in their kids' names years in advance. Like, they hold mini Hunger Games for kindergartners, just to see who gets put on the "maybe" list.

    1. EXACTLY!! I was like, sign my kid up for that because she's going to go Katniss Everdeen all up on those other little punks.


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