Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I believe in Karma.

For this reason, I just know that in a previous life I was a Chinese man that forced his wife and daughters to bind their feet. There is no other explanation for the pain that all my adorable, cute, dainty heels leave my feet in.


  1. That was funny. I like that you jump right to a Chinese guy that bound his child's feet rather than the rational explanation that you were previously a demented 6 year old boy who ripped the feet off of centipedes who then grew up to be an inept cobbler that gave the Danish clogs. You know, something rational like that.

  2. Thanks for that imagery, because the Chinese sure had it right -- tiny, hooflike feet are so sexy. If I can see toes, I'm not even interested.

  3. I must have been right there helping you. Probably telling you to make the bindings tighter.


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