Wednesday, January 11, 2012


One of the worst things ever is when you're at work walking down a long hallway alone and then someone else starts walking down the hallway towards you, and the two of you either don't know each other or aren't really friendly.

What do you do?! 

Stare at your feet/walls/hands/ceiling until you're close enough to make eye contact and say "hi" just before you pass them? Lock eyes and stare each other down until you're close enough to say "hi" just before you pass? Just pretend no one else is there and stay in your own world eyes straight ahead and ignore the other person?

I just don't know what to do in these situations. So I usually make sure I have my phone with me and am totally engrossed in what I'm reading on it. 


  1. I stare at my phone too, but otherwise I do try to make some kind of eye contact. But this is very, very awkward. Can't they just make hallways bigger?

  2. I have so much experience with this... here's my patented technique: First of all, always carry paperwork with you. ALWAYS. I never leave my desk without something in my hands, even if it's just a prop (It gives me something to do with my hands PLUS it makes me look busy). Then when I'm approaching someone in the hallway I pretend to sort or read what I'm carrying. Next, when I am an appropriate distance away (let's say 6 to 8 feet) I look up, make eye contact, smile, and say 'Hi' (the 'Hi' is always optional). I kill it at this. For realsies.

    Also I take joy out of making people who are desperately trying to avoid making eye contact acknowledge me. It's sick and twisted, but it amuses me. These people get the biggest smile from me and the most enthusiastic 'HELLO'. I'm sure they hate me. :)


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