Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Underrated Actor/Actress #1

I have several actors that I will flock to and watch whatever they make because I think they are fabulous and can do no wrong. Angelina Jolie and Huge Grant for example. Guys-everyone already watches these people. 

So I want to get my favorite underrated actors/actresses out there and introduce them to people who don't know them. Who maybe slightly recognize them or have seen them in "this one thing that one time". 

Matthew McFayden
Why yes please. 

He's been in things. He was Mr. Darcy for goodness sake! (Ok I'm not going to get into the "The only Mr. Darcy that counts is Colin Firth all others can lick a horses hoof"- He was a great Mr. Darcy). The Three Musketeers, Incendiary, Death at a Funeral (the real one), Robin Hood, and the long running program MI-5 which I've just begun watching on the Netflix. Why the hell don't more people know who he is? 

Watch him guys. You'll see what I mean. He's an everyman. There's nothing for men to complain about as he's good-looking but not like pretty. He's comes across as attainable and charming and intelligent. The best compliment that I usually give out (the one that means the most to me) is he has kind eyes (as does Flo Ryda). And I mean, he can pull off those Austonian breeches. 

I'll post another, sometime. Weekly, bi-weekly, whenever. Most of our lives are spent being extremely scheduled- let's be a little free with this. 


  1. STOP. MI-5 is on netflix??? Oh no. Prepare to never see me again. I LOVE MI-5. And this man is delicious, though I never knew his name until now.

    Also, would you be interested in doing some posting on a weight loss blog with myself and some pals? If so, let me know in my comments with your e-mail address. :-)

  2. aww, I liked him in the original death at a funeral..

  3. I must admit I didn't know who he was, I'll have to check out his work sometime!


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