Monday, March 4, 2013

Right now I am:

So, I've done it before and I'm sure I'll do it again, but I'm totally going to rip off Jess from It's Jess!. I have no bit of creativity of my own. I am nothing if not derivative. So, here we go.

Wanting to Curl Up In:
Roseland bedding from Anthropologie, which will be happening. My very own special tax return gift to myself.

Wasting Time With:

My current obsession. Five books so far, the last coming out next year and the movie coming out this Fall. Can. Not. Wait.
Listening to on Heavy Rotation:
The entire album is amazing.

Super Stoked For:
My birthday dinner with hubby at The Melting Pot this weekend.

Wanting on my Body:
Center Stage of Attention Dress


  1. the bedding looks amazing and I also would like to have that dress.

    Dinner will surely be great!!

  2. FONDUE. The closest Melting Pot is in Tulsa and I am not at all opposed to taking a 4 hour road trip just to eat melted cheese.

    1. The awesome thing is it's not just melted cheese! Apparently for the entrees they have custom dipping sauces for different meats and things. I've demanded a cheese to start, the entree, and then the dessert fondue. I cannot WAIT to find out how amazing all of it is. I'll definitely be reporting back!


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