Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I have this really bad habit of talking to someone and then in the middle of a conversation launching into a sidebar conversation. I don't think I ever really realized I was all that bad at doing it until I started emailing more and more. Since I tend to converse in an email like I do in person, I realize this must be exhausting for people to read my emails. Hilarious, but exhausting. 

For instance, I mentioned in an email today about having an "Eureka!" moment. That reminded me of a time when I was working for a catering company. I was up front working the cash register and waiting on some customers and I kept hearing the manager in the back shouting "Eureka!" I just figured she was reaching enlightenment fairly regularly that morning.

 I mean, sometimes I have more moments of clarity that other times. Who am I to say it's ridiculous that she kept shouting a word. Maybe that was her word-of-the-day on her pull off calendar. I wasn't there to judge. Then towards the end of the day she introduced me to a new co-worker, her name was Eureka. 

It took all the self-control I had in me not to lapse into that little anecdote for her. I managed to resist it though. Just barely.  


  1. ahahahaha!! well you can still post all your comments here, makes good blog posts.

    I recently noticed I interrupt people when they talk...argh

  2. I have this problem too! And I know I'm going to get along with someone when they are able to track with my insane conversation style. My mom is a seasoned pro. I can stop and start conversations with week long gaps in between and she can figure out what I'm talking about. I don't know how I have any friends to be honest... I've got to be the most obnoxious person my friends know.

  3. My wife is the queen of sidebar conversations, which keeps things interesting, but on the other hand, I don't always get to say my full piece since the topic shifts so quickly.

  4. ahahhahaha that just made me do a real "LOL" :)\

    also- I gave you an award. Deets are on my blog!


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