Thursday, October 4, 2012

Actors you should know: Jack Huston Edition

It's fluff time guys. I've been all moving, blah, blah, baby, blah, blah, pregnancy, blah, blah, swollen feet, blah.  

So, let's all gather around the table, grab a bottle of wine (I'll have grape juice), and let's get our pretty guy chatter on. 

I love Board Walk Empire. From the moment I first learned of Steve Buscemi joining a show on HBO about bootlegging I was all in. Then I discovered that Michael "the lips" Pitt was in it too (please see here for more on him) and I was all "hells yes! Let's do this!" Then the show itself happened. Man. That show. I laugh, I cry, I get giddy with the violence, and I swoon over the clothes, and I love the abundance of men in suits. 

Then, a character was introduced inside the show. Richard Harrow. 

Richard Harrow.
You see, Richard wears that mask because the entire left side of his face was effectively destroyed during the  war. That would be World War I for you kids. Because of this disfigurement, Richard speaks a little oddly. He eats and drinks a little off. Which still didn't stop me from being all "HELLLLOOOO Richard!" Because he's still hot with just half a face, then also he's so sweet guys. 

Yeah, ok, he murders people a lot. But guys, it's his job. This is 1923- jobs are hard to come by. Richard is loyal and kind hearted (QUIT TELLING ME HE'S A KILLER HE IS STILL KIND HEARTED) and more than anything else in life, Richard wants a wife and children of his own. He wants love guys. He wants love that he knows he'll probably never have because of his disfigurement. Which makes me want to kick every bitch he comes across in the face. DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT IS STANDING THERE IN FRONT OF YOU?! Richard is the real deal!

He has this scrap book.... oh God, that scrap book. In it are all these drawings and clippings of families and couples and happy home lives. Things he wants the most that he doesn't think he'll ever have. I dare you to watch the scene from the second season where he's looking through that scrap book and I fucking dare you not to cry. If you do manage not to cry, check your pulse- clearly you're dead inside. 

So that's the charm of Richard Harrow that drew me in. I mean, half his face is covered, but it doesn't hide the fact that it's a good face. Don't believe me? Let's check out the man himself- not the character. 

Jack Huston. You're welcome.

It makes me super happy to see on his IMDB that he's got several projects in development. Jack Huston is definitely one to keep your eye on, and not just because he's fabulous eye candy. Also, because he's a good actor. Although, unless you like bad endings, I don't recommend Shrooms (the movie, the drug is totally fine). Although Shrooms does allow you to enjoy his real voice, mmmm dreamy English accent. And yes, he was Rosalie's fiance/rapist/killer in Twilight: Eclipse- don't hold that against him. We've all wanted to kill Rosalie at one time or another. 

I'm leaving this video from my momdad Elton John right down here. The song makes me think of Richard. He just wants love guys. He's damaged but he still needs so lovin'. 

And Robert Downy Jr, holla.


  1. I swear to god... and I love that show so much... but Richard is the only character I really, truly, palpably care about. Everyone else can die in a fire. Although, I'm warming a little to (new)Eli. Oh and that Dr. Mason. He's a little bit of alright.

    Also I alternate between feeling sorry for and being terrified of Van Alden. Who knew his new Swedish wife was such a hot piece, though? Get it, son.

    1. Agreed. Richard is really the only one I give a rats ass about deep into my soul. I enjoy the rest characters, but Richard just tugs at those heart strings.

      Val Alden though, goddamn that man is intriguing. His character, is just... griping. Michael Shannon does an amazing job with the character. Creepy and horrifying and then a moment later damaged and kind of... broken in a child-like way. Shannon is phenomenal, really.

  2. I'm sad to say I've barely even heard of this show, much less watched it. But now that we're all caught up with recent shows, we might check this one out. And by 'we' I mean my wife and I, not Brandon and I. That might be a little creepy otherwise.

    1. It's a great show, I highly recommend it.


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