Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

So it's Valentine's Day. The day society has decided will encompass all the romance you expected to get all year and shove it all into one red and pink sweet filled day. Days like this make me, and I'm sure most of you, really think about romance. 

I was a little bit (a whole lot) of a Debbie Downer in my last post. It occurred to me that I didn't give my husband credit for all the wonderful things he does for me all year, every year. It's easy to see women around me getting flowers and chocolates and get jealous. Romance. What does that mean anyways? Wining and dining and jewels and flowers? 

And guys, I legit hate red roses anyways.

Here's what I think is romantic:

My husband letting me sleep in and have a weekend day off, while he takes care of the baby from midnight the night before and all day. It is coming home from visiting family to have my entire house be spotless from him cleaning all day? It is having your poor husband that's been working all day still come home and walk the dog every night because he knows you hate it. It's going out together every Christmas and searching for a special ornament. It is falling asleep drooling on his shoulder every night while he rubs my back. It's curling up on the couch together, waking turns cuddling the baby, and watching our recorded shows. It's knowing that right after a holiday, he's going to come home with a bag full of marked down candy and let me have first pick. It's rolling his eyes and huffing whenever I say I'm gross.  It's jotting down reminders in his phone about something I mentioned in passing months before that then shows up for my birthday or Christmas. It's letting me pick the movie at the theater. It's encouraging me to bake new things. 

It's a million little things throughout the entire year. 

While some women have one day of romantic gestures, I have a whole year of them. 

And here's a Love List that I wrote for him on our 3 year wedding anniversary. 


  1. vday is super lame (though I do know my latest post is ooey gooey lovey dovey) Garrett and I prefer homemade stuff-- I hate roses/chocolates/anything generic. Romance SHOULD be a year-round thing! You are right on!

  2. awwwhhh you guys are so cute, damn you! Hope you had still a nice day tho, I am not big fan of valentine's day but I guess it is nice to openly celebrate love.


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